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Fascinating Funghi!

My friend, Daniel, was kind enough to send me his photo of the shiitake mushrooms while still in situ, which was the missing piece in my last post.  He was also kind enough to include a whole trove of information about the mushrooms he has encountered in the Hudson Valley.  He writes:

These are some Oysters found wild growing on some basswood/linden branches that fell.

These are Boletus Edulis (Ceps, Porcini) found in 2008.  (We subsequently ate them on pizzas).
Here is a spore print from the Boletus Edulis.  This is one of the ways you identify a mushroom.
These are called Fly Agaric.  They are poisonous and supposedly hallucinogenic if you survive. [Amanita muscaria var. formosa]
These are called “Destroying Angels.” Aminita virosa.  These are extremely poisonous.

How to Preserve Your Mushroom Harvest, otherwise known as the Daniel Newsome Method:

One of the ways to preserve mushrooms is to saute them up in oil or butter for several minutes.  The point is to get them hot enough to kill off any cirtters that may be in there.  Then just bag them up and freeze them.  When you want to use them, just saute them some more to what ever level you want.  I think I may have added some garlic in the initial saute of that shiitake batch, since I can’t imagine ever using them and not wanting some garlic in them.


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