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CSA challenge: braising greens out the hoo-ha.

Thursday is CSA day, when we pick up a gigantic load of vegetables and the anxiety starts to mount.  How to get through it all?   While we used to make a weekly grocery list of what we needed, we now make a list of what we have and then try to think of how we can eat it all up before the following Thursday.  It’s a vicious cycle, but one we love.  Here is a list of the weekly take, with some ideas of how we might use it.  But I would love to hear yours, we are in need of some inspiration!

  • 1 quart of potatoes (spanish tortilla or side of roasted potatoes, no rush on these – they last forever)
  • 6 Roma tomatoes (pizza sauce? caprese salad, oven dried or tomato confit)
  • 1 quart beefsteak tomatoes (sandwiches! pasta sauce)
  • Broccoli Rabe (easy, orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe)
  • Fennel (shave it and put it in a salad – see below)
  • Big bag of Arugula – salad
  • Big bag of Salad greens – duh.
  • Broccoli – good for the kids!
  • Cilantro – planning to use for Soto Ayam (recipe soon!)
  • Big bag of kale – I could eat kale every day, braised, sauteéd, whatever.
  • Head of Garlic  – braise with kale
  • 1 onion – add to other onions in onion bowl
  • Gigantic amount of braising greens, mostly chard – looks like a lot of chicken breast with greens coming our way.
  • Pears – I love you pears, so delicious and nothing to do.

So from here, we start to compose our meals for the next week and here is where we need the help.  Send me your ideas and I’ll post what we make and the recipes.  Our biggest challenge is the chard.  What else to do with it besides melting it down with some garlic? I know you know.  Please tell me!

Coming soon: Yogurt or How I lost my yojo and am trying to get it back.

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