Design + Composting in India: The Daily Dump

These beautiful terracotta planters are…. you guessed it! Composters!  I came across an article in City Farmer News this week about an inspiring kitchen waste management project in Bangalore, India, called The Daily Dump.  The project was started in 2006 by Poonam Bir Kasturi, an industrial designer who teaches at the Srishti School of Design in Bangalore.  The company offers a number of composting options for single families through communal set-ups.  Check out this totally charming video they produced – it makes me realize what our compost bin is lacking…. a garland of marigolds!  I totally want one of these and wonder if they are available in the U.S.?


  1. #1 by leneatiengo on January 25, 2012 - 1:07 am


  2. #2 by spacetosimplify on January 25, 2012 - 12:40 pm

    These are gorgeous! I studied abroad in India a few years ago, and traveled out of Bangalore- I wish I would have known about this company then!

  3. #3 by Green Craft Properties on January 25, 2012 - 3:52 pm

    very great post! thank you.

  4. #4 by 1d1dchicago on January 25, 2012 - 7:21 pm

    This is a great way to organically deal with waste and work together as a real community!

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