The State of the Kitchen

I must admit, I fall into the category of people who swore that when they had kids their home “would not be taken over by all that awful plastic crap”.  Noooooo, our home would be free of Barbies and their spawn.  Our living room would retain its elegant appointment (IKEA circa 2007 and the random family heirloom) and our children would play with lovely wooden toys and Waldorf-inspired dolls.  Flash forward to 2011.  I step on legos as a matter of course.  My daughter has caught on to the reality that her dolls are not actual “American Girl”dolls, and our youngest routinely de-robes the Barbies and places them in unique “tableaux” all over the apartment.  Sigh.  I reach for a tomato and pick up a faux-Ken doll instead. I know I will miss this in ten  years.

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